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Whatever brings you to Ashley Madison, you can feel safe knowing that you’re not alone. Our members are single, attached and seeking an affair partner, or attached and seeking something polyamorous. They are looking for online flirtation, for something casual, and for discreet relationships


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Ashley Madison ReviewAshley Madison Review:

Here we are, Today I am going to talk about one of the most messed up sites Ashley Madison. I have used this site before. Why its messed up, In July 2015, a group calling itself “The Impact Team” stole the user data of Ashley Madison and shared it on public forums and paste sites. Yes, it was a big mess as the site got tons of real users with lots of personal pics and other information.

Still, Ashley Madison is one of the best dating sites as of today. No matter what happens in the past, doesn’t really mean, it’s going to happen again. They have put more security measures to avoid any breach in the future. I am not 100% sure about this, But they are big. They got more than 60 million users from all around the world. I am sure you are not going to have any issue finding a local girl from your area or country.


Ashley Madison got a nice and clean dashboard with easy to navigate interface. They got all the features you need in a dating site. You can customize your profile and add more information about what you are looking for. Options to add height, weight, interest, etc. Basically full pack of features. But they lack community-based features like chat rooms and forum.

It’s pretty easy to find other members using the advanced search function, and you can initiate a chat with girls by sending a direct message, gifts and by a call. Option to see who checked your profile is also available. When you signup, make sure you complete your profile on first hand. Try not to be alpha on this site; it’s not going to work well. Trust me on this part.

Ashley Madison ReviewFinding A Girl:

I don’t think I need to go in much details when we are talking about Madison stuff. Everyone knows they got millions of legit girls from all around the world. But most of these girls are picky and got a bad attitude towards a specific race of people. Its little toxic community if you ask me. There are also nice people too. You won’t get any problem finding a girl here.

Its mainly focus on the affair part. So, chances are you might end up with a married woman looking for some extra fun. No lack of married women and committed girls on Ashley Madison, most of them looking for sugar daddy. If you ask me, its little fucked up thing in my opinion. Madison is a big name when we talk about “Have an Affair Dating,” it also attracts lots of escorts to this site. You need to make sure; you play safe if you are married the guy.

Safety & Security

Security part about this site is going to disappointing, Due to the recent data breach of this site. I can’t say they are secured and all that shit. But they claim to have taken reasonable security measures. Its all about risk here, Some time it worth taking the risk. No Risk, No Fun.

Overall if you are married think twice before going for Ashley Madison. Girls and Women know about what is Ashley Madison.


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