Getting Rejected By Girls? Stay Relax Bitch

Most guys get shot down and rejected when they first start approaching women, so they then start to think that no woman is going to be interested in them.

After getting rejected a couple of times, many guys give up and think they’ll never score with women unless they get lucky, or they continue to use the same lousy pick-up habits and wonder why women continue to respond negatively toward them.

So let’s discuss some of the important facts about meeting women, the reasons you’re not scoring with them and how to turn this all around so you can win at the dating game.

It’s a Numbers Game

Not every woman is going to be attracted to you no matter how hard you try, because no-one is compatible with every person in the world. It often has little to do with anything you’ve done or didn’t do. It can be that the woman you’ve approached isn’t as cool as you (or you’re not as cool as her), she’s in a relationship, she’s busy catching up with her friends or any one of a thousand other reasons that she’s ‘not in the mood’ to be picked up by you.

If you can understand that simple fact going in, then you won’t take a woman’s ‘rejection’ personally. You just have to keep trying until you come across a compatible woman who is right for you. Sometimes it takes three approaches to find a compatible woman, sometimes it takes 30, but it always works in the end.

Common Mistakes and Easy Solutions

Here are some of the most common mistakes that a guy will make when trying to pick up a woman that’s almost guaranteed to result in him being rejected.

Mistake #1You show a lack of confidence.

You approach a woman with your shoulders slumped, you don’t speak in a confident way, and your body language shows signs of nervousness.

Solution – Show her the confidence she needs to see from you. Walk up to a woman with a relaxed, confident attitude and start the conversation in an easy-going way. Most guys dream of meeting an easy going, down-to-earth girl, but they approach women in a nervous way. If you want her to be easy-going and down-to-earth around you, make sure you do it first. She will open up with you and talk to you on that level once she’s had a few seconds to see that you’re a relaxed, easy-going guy who isn’t desperately trying to pick her up.

Mistake #2You use a bad pickup line or are too complimentary.

Women dislike bad pickup lines because they are a lame attempt to try and impress the woman. Women also dislike it when men are overly complimentary because it is once again, a lame attempt to try and impress the woman rather than being real and honest with her. These mistakes are almost always an instant turn-off and an immediate invitation for a woman to reject you.

Solution When you approach a woman, a line isn’t necessary nor should you immediately start complimenting her in an attempt to impress her. Just say, “Hey, I thought I’d come over and say hello – I’m John. Are you enjoying (the band, the restaurant, your night, etc.)?”

Mistake #3You hang around too long when she’s with another girl.

Solution A Women tend to go out in pairs, and it’s perfectly fine to approach a woman when she’s with another girl, but you have to keep it short, or she’s going to start feeling guilty about ignoring her friend. So talk to the girl you’re interested in, be nice to her friend, get the phone number from the girl you like and then depending on where you are, go back to whatever else you were doing (hanging with friends, listening to music, shopping, etc.).

This approach has a couple of benefits. You’ve shown respect for her and her friend, and you didn’t make it awkward for her by making her friend feel left out by hanging around too long. Plus, now her friend will also think of you as a cool guy and will encourage the woman you like to go out with you when you call. It also shows the women that you have your own life going on and are not desperately trying to enter the lives of any women who will accept you.

Solution B If you are also out with a friend, bring him over to talk to the other girl. Usually, the other girl will be so desperate to get some attention as well (or she will be keen to keep out of the way for you and her friend) that she will speak nicely to your friend. If it appears that your friend and her friend aren’t hitting it off, just chat for a few minutes, get your woman’s number, leave and then call her a couple of days later to set up a date at another time.

Mistake #4You get the number of a girl you like, and then you move on to another girl in the same place.

SolutionOnce you have a woman’s number, either leave and head elsewhere to try to meet more women, wait until she leaves before approaching anyone else or simply stop trying to attract other women in the same place. Otherwise, if you’re spotted trying to attract other women after you’ve gotten her number, you’ll be labeled a player, and most women (except for those who like to date players) will reject you when you eventually do call.

Mistake #5You try too hard to impress her.

You start bragging about who you are, what you do for a living, how much money you have, or are too over-eager-to-please by giving up your prime table at a club, fetching drinks for her and her friends or do anything else that is usually considered too needy.

Solution Be yourself! If you have a great job, make loads of money, have a hot car or anything else that you’re proud of, terrific. She’ll learn all of that about you over time. And even if you don’t have all of those things, what you want is for the girl to be attracted to who you are – not what you have (or don’t have) or who you’re pretending to be. Despite popular opinion, most women aren’t gold diggers or impressed by what a guy has. They’re more interested in the man himself and that he is confident, masculine, intelligent, funny and is someone they want to have a relationship with.

If you avoid these mistakes, follow these tips and not feel rejected when you talk to women who aren’t compatible with you, you’ll soon find that your love life and your phone is filled with a lot of great girls or one very special woman who you met because you didn’t fear to approach her in the first place.


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